Monday, August 6, 2018

Purest Sea

     Welcome science fiction fans, or at least the ones who stumble across this rarely viewed blog.  I, along with approximately thirty percent of the Earth's population, started writing a novel.  Unlike the majority of those efforts I did in fact finish mine to my satisfaction.  It is nominally a science fiction novel but in it I attempt to invert or outright sabotage many of the tropes of conventional SF, that is to say the salable sort, but I think it is quite enjoyable nevertheless.  I am quite pleased with the results.
     There are no great space battles with buckets of human blood.  Unlike much SF it does not brutally eliminate potentially beloved characters.  It has strong intelligent women characters who nevertheless are not ashamed of their femininity.  It has time travel, that isn't.  It has aliens, that aren't.  Whatever anyone thinks it might have, it probably doesn't.  It is very un-PC yet it freely explores the roots of human fear, love, and sexuality.  It is not however the least bit pornographic.  It is also not that bane of current SF, message fiction.  It is not intended to offend any group of activists of any stripe, but of course that is impossible to avoid now.  So be it.
      It is in short many things, all of which I am quite proud.  Below is a link to the Google Docs PDF file of the piece which is titled To Sail The Purest Sea.  I suggest downloading it instead of reading it on Google Docs.  Did I mention it was free?  I hope those of you who tackle it will enjoy it.

To Sail The Purest Sea