Saturday, December 15, 2018


     I have been on the Ketogenic W.O.E. (way of eating) for about four months now.  It works, period.  It delivers on its many promises, period.  I am losing weight very nicely, I am more alert yet sleeping better, blood pressure is in the middle of the safe zone, my skin is clearing up, and my vision has improved.  Keto delivers what every other way of eating promises yet fails to deliver.  Consider me 100% sold.
     The success of Keto's high-fat low-carb way of eating is beginning to penetrate the public weltanshaung significantly and its adherent numbers are expanding rapidly.  No surprise really since it delivers what it promises, in spades.  I believe participation in this way of eating will continue to expand until a tipping point is reached where the bulk of the population will realize its many benefits.  That would be extremely good for the overall health of the country but it could be very bad for the overall economy.
     If, say, fifty percent, of the people in the country went Keto we could be facing an economic gotterdammerung.   The farming of grain, the need for drugs, and the need for medical care would all plummet as demand shrank.  A major commercial paradigm shift would certainly occur affecting tens of millions of employed people.  The farming population would shrink but the percentage of farm workers is at an all time low so the impact there would be less catastrophic.  The drug industry would shed hundreds of thousands of jobs, at a minimum.  The medical establishment would contract significantly endangering the jobs of millions.  Drug and grocery stores would see a very large realignment of their business plans and product sales affecting many hundreds of thousands of jobs if not millions.
     Industries such as farm equipment manufacturing, food processing, and transport would undergo significant shifts in resources and likely large decreases in output with the exception of livestock raising and processing which would ratchet smartly upward.  Nursing homes and dentistry would shed employees.  The list goes on and on.  The GNP might well plummet for decades and all affected parties would take several decades to adjust to changed demand, and government revenues could drastically shrink.  It could well make the great depression seem like a summer stroll.
     We could easily end up in the perverse situation of a far healthier populace accompanied by a far sicker economy.  Or as least the economy would be much sicker until all parties adjusted to the new reality or technological change engendered greater employment prospects.  That would likely happen but it might take a long time, possibly as much as a half century.  The Keto way of eating could be the reaping of an economic whirlwind sown by the wind of the high-carb low-fat nutritional paradigm forced into being in the last fifty years.  It would not be pretty.  And on top of everything else lifespans would increase bringing even more economic challenges.  Perhaps I'll be safely in the grave by then unless Keto ends up making me live to a hundred.