Friday, February 9, 2018

I Love A.....

     Parade?  Well sure who doesn't?  The entirety of the left that's who.  Or they don't unless the parade involves a rainbow assortment of theatrically preening "genders", crowds of women in pink pussy hats, or very large women with hair colors not found in nature bellowing about the injustice of, well, everything.  What they cannot abide is a parade of thousands of crisply turned out American servicemen.  That just won't do.
     So with one hundred percent predictability the idea of a military parade is being scorned by the usual suspects with frothing high dudgeon.  Big surprise.  However if nothing else the idea is providing solid entertainment in the form of exploding leftist heads.
     If such a parade ever comes off one thing we can be sure of is that there will be no loony goose-stepping by soldiers such as seen in some third world sh*tholes.   Soldiers will march with the easy smooth efficient gait of times past, synchronized but not obsessively so.
     It's possible that heavy weaponry will be seen but that seems fairly unlikely, possibly as a sop to the military hating left, and will rob whack-job protesters of the opportunity to throw themselves in front of tanks.   Let's hope that protesters try to disrupt the parade.  That should do wonders for their electoral prospects.